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Albany Comedian Jaye McBride Puts It All On The Table

Jaye McBride
Jaye McBride

Back in August, Albany briefly became one of the comedy capitals of the world for a few days when Aziz Ansari used The Comedy Works as a boot camp before embarking on a national tour. In a matter of days and using two stages in rotation, Ansari performed 13 sold-out sets.

That was good news for Jaye McBride, an Albany comedian who so impressed Ansari that he had her open every single show. Later, Ansari was quoted as saying McBride has a big future in comedy if she only gets the blank out of Albany.

Well — maybe this is just me, but I caught McBride’s set again a few months later and found her references to Lark Street and Metroland endearing, and I wanted to find out more about McBride before she skips town.

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