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Failing My Way To Success: Life Lessons Of An Entrepreneur

Book Cover - Failing My Way to Success: Life Lessons of an Entrepreneur

  At a time when colleagues were hitting their mid-career strides, Steve Lobel was mired in failure. On the brink of bankruptcy, Lobel had no income, no savings, no job, no career-and, it seemed, no future. The business he had purchased twenty months earlier had collapsed, a misfortune he had brought largely on himself by breaking every rule of sound business.

This was the same man who a few years before had opened the gourmet market Cowan & Lobel in Albany, New York, only to lose the store at the height of its success.

Today, two decades later, Steve Lobel is a thriving businessman and philanthropist. His memoir, Failing My Way to Success: Life Lessons of an Entrepreneur, tells how he turned defeat to his advantage and ultimate triumph.

Steve Lobel is Vice President of Anchor Agency. He has served as a board member and chair of numerous regional not-for-profits in human services and the arts.