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'Windsor Mountain School: A Beloved Berkshire Tradition'

  The Windsor Mountain School in Lenox, Massachusetts was an ahead of its time boarding school that honored diversity and became the first co-ed integrated boarding school in the Berkshires.

After being a target of the Nazi regime, Max and Gertrud Bondy came to America and opened their school in Windsor, Vermont and later moved to Lenox in 1944.

Families like the Belafontes, Poitiers and Campanellas were attracted to the school for its multi-cultural and international curriculum. Then the school closed in 1975.

Roselle Kline Chartock has just written a history of the school: Windsor Mountain School: A Beloved Berkshire Tradition. Roselle is professor emerita of education at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA. She will be speaking and signing the book at The Lenox Library on Thursday night at 7PM and will be at a Breakfast Book event on Sunday, November 2nd at 10AM at the WilburtonInn in Manchester, VT.

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