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Literacy Volunteers of Berkshire County

    This morning we will discuss the issues of literacy with two experts from Literacy Volunteers of Berkshire County. We will talk about literacy in general and specifically about the needs of those they serve right here in our region.

Last year, Literacy Volunteers of Berkshire County served 75 adult students with ongoing one-on-one tutoring designed to increase their English reading, writing and speaking skills. Some of our students are native born; others have arrived more recently from other countries and are trying to improve their English.

They are also planning a cool event this weekend when Literacy Volunteers will transform the Berkshire Athenaeum into a mini-golf course on Saturday. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and gets people of all ages "playing through" the stacks of books on all three levels of the Athenaeum.

To tell us more, we welcome Karen Wallace - Executive Director of Literacy Volunteers of Berkshire County and Shawn Hartley Hancock - President of Literacy Volunteers of Berkshire County.

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