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Comedian Tom Green Heads Back To TV


From public television in Canada to MTV, his living room to his new set at AXS TV, Tom Green has made an impressive career of subverting talk show conventions in a manner befitting his absurd humor, which has he honed in recent years on the standup circuit.

Green is like a Letterman for Generation X — able to call attention to the absurdity of the talk show idiom while still doing a good talk show. In fact, he has guest hosted for Letterman in addition to two shows for MTV and Tom Green’s House Tonight, filmed right in his living room.  He has also appeared in films like Freddy Got Fingered, Road Trip, Charlie’s Angels, and several television shows, hosted a podcast and blogged for the Huffington Post.

Green’s new show, which places a premium on the one-on-one interview, is called Tom Green Live, and it airs Thursdays at 9 on AXS TV.

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