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"Tell Me The Truth, Doctor" by Dr. Richard Besser

  Dr. Richard Besser is chief medical editor at ABC News, and author of the new book Tell Me The Truth, Doctor: Easy-to-Understand Answers to Your Most Confusing and Critical Health Questions.

Dr. Besser, who is still a practicing pediatrician, has made a name for himself sifting through the barrage of medical literature, examining the evidence, and turning an informed, unbiased analysis into straightforward advice – what anyone would hope to receive from their personal physician.

His sister died from elective surgery in 2004, and that tragedy defined his mission to empower people to understand and take responsibility for their health by questioning their doctor, asking for second opinions, and learning how to protect themselves from things that can go wrong during treatments.

In his book, Dr. Besser addresses some of the most controversial and hotly debated current health and wellness issues he’s confronted, including seasonal topics like what sunscreen to use and food safety issues.

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