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The Best Of Our Knowledge #1529 "The Death And (possible) Rebirth Of An Indy"


One of the best ways to educate yourself about a community is to read, watch or listen to their local media. But independent local media outlets are becoming scarce.

Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, we present the story of the death, and possible resurrection of the Missoula Independent.

We’ll also talk about medical ethics inside the lab, and spend an Academic Minute with big and small dogs.

Bob has been a part of the WAMC family since 2001. He currently produces and hosts National Production's The Best Of Our Knowledge. Over the years, Bob has produced The Environment Show and The Health Show for National Productions and hosted weekend mornings on WAMC for a decade. In addition to producing TBOOK, he is currently a reporter and on air host at WUWF Public Radio at the University of West Florida in Pensacola.