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veteran suicide

Tennis has boomed during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Physical Activity Council, more than 21 million Americans picked up a racquet over the past year, up more than a fifth. As WAMC’s Jackie Orchard found out, some of those newcomers are military veterans, finding solace during a dark New York winter.

Jessica Bugbee, Army veteran, during virtual press conference on Joseph P. Dwyer Peer Support Program funding, Feb. 12, 2021
Courtesy of the Hudson Valley National Center for Veteran Reintegration

State and local lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are calling for New York to release funding to veterans organizations for a peer support program. Every year, they press for the funding, and every year, the funding is released. This year’s plea comes with a request that the funding become a permanent part of the budget.

A Marist College professor is starting a 3,000-mile journey today. His solo walk begins in Portland, Oregon and he aims to wind up back on the Poughkeepsie college campus in late August. The Navy veteran is walking to raise awareness about veteran suicide and homelessness.

JD Allen / WAMC

Starting in Hancock, Massachusetts, veterans began marching across the state today to bring awareness to a difficult issue: suicide among vets.