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When two strikingly different men, one a Marine veteran and a staunch Republican and the other a true blue liberal son of a single mother from Berkeley first met at Yale Law School, the last thing they expected from each other was a friendship. But that's exactly what they found when the unlikely pair set out in a Volvo to see the country from a fresh perspective through each other's eyes.

In the new book "Union: A Democrat, A Republican, And A Search for Common Ground," Jordan waszak. And Christopher ha hit the road to explore the land that they love and to find out what can bring us together in an era of extreme strife and partisanship.

In Gary Shteyngart’s new novel, “Lake Success,” he tells the story of a hedge fund manager who throws in the towel and flees on a Greyhound bus for a simpler life with his childhood sweetheart. On the road, he looks to flee his problems and search for many things, including himself.

Listener Essay - The Van

Sep 1, 2016
The Van
Diane Kavanaugh-Black

  Summer is on its way out. In this listener essay, Diane Kavanaugh-Black writes about a vital companion on her childhood summer journeys, and a relationship that lasted twenty-five years.


In my family growing up, there was me, Mom and Dad, Vera, Mae and Alex. And The Van.

A turquoise 1964 Dodge A-100 cab-over-engine truck—the 49th off the assembly line, purchased by my parents eleven months before I was born. Mom called it “Bessie” until the van’s age and appearance earned it the nickname “Trusty Rusty.”

  Samantha Hunt’s third novel, Mr. Splitfoot, tracks two women in two times as they march toward a mysterious reckoning. The novel is a contemporary gothic, a subversive ghost story and a compelling mystery. Hunt's work has been performed on This American Life and on NPR's Selected Shorts program.