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#1649: "A Blind Man Crazy for Color"

A Blind Man Crazy for Color Book Cover
Rob Couteau

It started with a brief mention in a biography of Pablo Picasso. A blind man over 100 years ago, guided by a young woman, purchased and collected the early works of some of the greatest artists of the century. That mention began the search for Leon Angely. Rob Couteau talks about the search and the man and his young sidekick in his new book called “A Blind Man Crazy for Color – A Tribute to Leon Angely." We'll talk to Rob about this story.

Since the mid-1990s, colleges and universities around the country have participated in a unique program that brings students into prisons and share classes with the incarcerated population. It’s called the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program. This year, the University of West Florida joined the program, taking students to the Santa Rosa County Correctional Institution. We'll talk to one of the teachers, and a student in the program.

Then we'll spend an Academic Minute looking for intelligent life, anywhere!

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