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Strange Universe With Bob Berman

Strange Universe: The Perseids 8/7/22

Every summer there’s a great meteor shower, the Perseids. Some years they are spectacular, other years you only see a tenth of what’s happening. We’ll hear how visible the shooting stars will be this year.

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  • Strange Universe With Bob Berman
    We are now at the new moon phase of the lunar cycle. This means all week we will be seeing crescents at twilight rather than full darkness and always low in the sky.
  • Sunday night, May 15, we see a total eclipse of the moon. It is especially welcome because for the last couple of years every lunar eclipse has been penumbral, meaning the moon failed to touch even the edge of Earth’s shadow.
  • Since pi-day, March 14, is coming up, let’s prepare by pondering the number that has obsessed and tortured minds for centuries. This Greek letter, of course, represents the relationship between a circle and its diameter. It’s certainly known by smart alien civilizations throughout the universe. Other universe-wide numbers probably memorized by tattooed Andromeda school-kids no doubt include the four-to-one mass ratio of helium to hydrogen and the speed of light.