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Strange Universe: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? 6/19/22

A diagram of the planets in our solar system with the planets names
copyright Christos Georghiou www/Christos Georghiou - stock.adobe
A diagram of the planets in our solar system with the planets names

We all know the names of the planets. Many people can even recite them in their correct order from the Sun. But actually seeing them in a line – well, that’s something special. And this month we’ll explain how and when that’s happening.

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  • This week we’ll hear about our galaxy’s five most abundant elements, the remaining seven dozen elements (which together they make up just 4% of the universe) and the unknown dark matter.
  • Strange Universe With Bob Berman
    We are now at the new moon phase of the lunar cycle. This means all week we will be seeing crescents at twilight rather than full darkness and always low in the sky.
  • This week marks the start of the 10-week period when we get the year's fastest daily sunlight gain and the fastest growth in the Sun’s strength. We’ve now entered the year’s fastest growing increase in the sun’s intensity, and every creature can feel it. So while the first day of spring will not come for another five weeks, on March 20th, the current explosive growth in both the length of each day and in the strength of the midday Sun makes such official milestones mere formalities.