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Strange Universe 4/10/22

This week we’ll hear about our galaxy’s five most abundant elements, the remaining seven dozen elements (which together they make up just 4% of the universe) and the unknown dark matter.

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  • One of today’s most fashionable astronomy pursuits is the hunt for planets beyond our solar system. And one was found orbiting Proxima Centauri, which happens to be the very nearest star to Earth. On this week’s “Strange Universe,” we talk about aliens and exoplanets.
  • The new James Webb Space Telescope is arriving at its permanent home at the Lagrangian 2 position on the far side of the Moon. The media say it will show us the birth of the universe. And reveal which exoplanets have life. Sounds great. But if you’re a realist, pull up a chair.
  • Mars will come closer and closer as the year goes on. Venus’ extreme brilliance will be seen over most of the year, but it’s only now and the next two weeks that it hovers just above Mars. This week we’ll hear about our two nearest planetary neighbors, Mars and Venus, and why now is only time we’ll see them together.