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Strange Universe 4/3/22

Everyone knows that Quantum mechanics can be non-logical. Yet it works when it comes to describing the behavior of atoms and all the other small stuff that makes up our universe. It has also been used to create new technologies such as the transistor. But to believe it means believing things about reality that very few of us would find acceptable. Even Albert Einstein, who helped establish quantum theory more than a century ago, came to question its principles for most of his life. This week we'll explore two basic principles of common sense that quantum theory throws away.

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  • One of today’s most fashionable astronomy pursuits is the hunt for planets beyond our solar system. And one was found orbiting Proxima Centauri, which happens to be the very nearest star to Earth. On this week’s “Strange Universe,” we talk about aliens and exoplanets.
  • Now in late March, each day at noon, the Sun stands one full Sun diameter higher than it was the day before. Hear how knowledge about the Sun is now arriving in a flood thanks to an armada of dedicated solar spacecraft such as SOHO and Stereo.
  • The moon is now at its very best — and strangest — of the year. Learn about the upcoming lunar phase and how the sunlight illuminates its central craters and mountains from a low angle, which is perfect to reveal optimum detail.