"Writing To Persuade" By Former New York Times Op-Ed Editor Trish Hall

Oct 22, 2019

For 5 years, Trish Hall set the high standard for which opinion pieces ultimately landed on the New York Times Op-Ed page. Her new book is "Writing to Persuade: How to Bring People Over to Your Side" and in it she shares her wisdom and lays it out in terms easy to emulate.

As the person in charge of the Op-Ed page for the New York Times, Hall spent years immersed in argument, passion, and trendsetting ideas but also in tangled sentences, migraine-inducing jargon, and dull-as-dishwater writing.

In the book she draws on her vast experience and presents the ultimate guide to writing persuasively for students, job applicants, and rookie authors looking to get published.

Originally aired July 2019.