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Wanda’s Hudson River Sampler Recommendations from 2019

Dec 20, 2019

Every year I received hundreds of albums for airplay consideration. As I review them, Imake a note of the ones that really impress me. I try to narrow my personal favorites down to 20 every year. For 2019, so many were amazing that, no matter how many I eliminated from my list, the bestI could do was the following 23. These are listed in alphabetical order, not in any special preference. Hope you will check them out!  Bettman and Halpin – 1000 Miles (FLRC Records) Kevin Brown – Heroes and Sparrows (Brown Knows) Cej – Adobe Road (Gnosong Records) The Early Risers – Making Life Sweet (Itchy Sabot) Kora Feder – In Sevens (Kora Feder) Archie Fisher and Garnet Rogers – Live: The Best Times After All (Snow Goose) Dave Gunning – Up Against the Sky (Wee House of Music) James Hill and Anne Janelle – Many a Moon (Borealis) Bill Jones – Wonderful Fairy Tale (Brick Wall Music) Martyn Joseph – Days of Decision (Pipe Records) Kieran Kane and Rayna Gellert – When the Sun Goes Down (Dead Reckoning) John Lowell – This Long Stretch of Gravel (John Lowell) Joel Mabus – Time and Truth (Fossil) Jim and Susie Malcolm – The Berries (Beltane) John McCutcheon – To Everyone in All the World: A Celebration of Pete Seeger(Appalsongs) Carrie Newcomer – The Point of Arrival (Available Light) Our Native Daughters – Our Native Daughters (Smithsonian-Folkways) Katherine Rondeau – Unfortunate Point of View (Katherine Rondeau) David G. Smith – Who Cares? (Hey Dave!) Amy Speace – Me and the Ghost of Charlemagne (Proper) Tui – Pretty Little Mister (Tui) Wes Weddell – Somewhere in the Middle (Dusty Shadows)