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Vermont Legislature Works To Meet May Adjournment Goal

Apr 25, 2012

The Vermont Legislature is wading through a sea of pending bills as they try to move towards an adjournment that’s already been delayed.

Legislative leaders in Vermont had planned to adjourn by this weekend, but are now hoping to end the session by May fifth.  There are a multitude of pending bills.  Senators started this week with a list of bills running more than 240 pages. Middlebury College Professor Emeritus of Political Science Eric Davis says it’s a mixture of routine and controversial measures.

Seven Days is a popular independent weekly newspaper.  Political Columnist Andy Bromage says a number of critical issues are yet to be resolved.

Some legislators, after failing to get some of the measures passed through committee, have attached legislation as amendments on other bills.  Eric Davis says that’s unusual in Montpelier.

Despite the legislative jockeying, Seven Days’ Andy Bromage says its already clear that a number of measures will be left undone.

This is the second half of the legislative biennium, so any bills that do not pass would have to be re-introduced during the next session.