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Two Of Rep. Delgado's Veterans Bills Await Signing

Dec 18, 2020

Two of Democratic New York Congressman Antonio Delgado’s bills to support veterans await President Trump’s signature.

The House of Representatives voted unanimously on Wednesday to pass a legislative package with two of Delgado’s bills. One is the Fairness for Local Veteran Cemeteries Act to ensure county-run veteran cemeteries in states without state-run veteran cemeteries are eligible for federal funding. Delgado, speaking on the House floor, describes his other bill.

“H.R. 7105 also incorporates my Improving Benefits for Underserved Veterans Act, which would require the VA to publish a report on veterans’ benefits disaggregating by sex and minority group member status — an important step leveling the playing field for women and minority veterans,” says Delgado.

The senate passed the legislative package December 9.