Programming Notes: November 2017 | WAMC

Programming Notes: November 2017

Oct 26, 2017

Coming up this month, we have a cornucopia of special programming for Thanksgiving (11/23/17):

9AM-Thanksgiving Special - "Earth Eats Thanksgiving"

Earth Eats Thanksgiving is a show about real food and green living, a program of planning and preparing a terrific thanksgiving meal with turkey, other courses, and some vegetarian options. Host Annie Corrigan and renowned chef Daniel Orr indulge in some fine cooking, and some very foody musical interludes with very special friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

10AM- Massasoit's Peace Pact with the Pilgrims

Massasoit was the leader of the Wampanoag Confederacy when English settlers landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620.  He and his people kept the Pilgrims from starving in the early years of their settlement, attended the first Thanksgiving and forged a peace treaty with the English that lasted 40 years until his death.  We'll talk with American Indian scholars Darius Coombs and Bob Charlesbois who'll fill in the details of this Native American leader's attempt to make peace for his people and with the new strangers.   Also, Native American film director Chris Eyre on his portrayal of Massasoit for the 2009 PBS television series We Shall Remain.

11AM-The Songs Of Hearth And Home: A Thanksgiving Special

An Afterglow special designed just for the Thanksgiving holiday. In the Great American Songbook, there are no real songs for “Thanksgiving.” However, Thanksgiving is usually a time many of us go home, spend time with our families, and maybe gather around the fireplace, with this chilly November weather. In the Great American Songbook, there is no shortage of songs written about home life. On this episode, we’ll hear some songs of home, including “Back In Your Own Backyard,” “The Nearness Of You,” and “My Blue Heaven,’ sung by June Christy, Frank Sinatra, Norah Jones, and more. Hosted by Mark Chilla.

12PM-12:22PM—WAMC’s traditional airing of Alice’s Restaurant

12:22PM—Midday Magazine

2PM-Giving Thanks 2017: A Celebration of Fall, Food, & Gratitude

"Giving Thanks" offers a contemporary celebration of gratitude, with classical music and stories of Thanksgiving. This year's special guests include world-famous chef Jacques Pepin, and his 13-year-old granddaughter, Shorey, with whom he co-authored his most recent book, "A Grandfather's Lessons"; Francis Lam, new host of The Splendid Table, with his recent, James Beard Award-winning Thanksgiving essay about immigrants.

"Giving Thanks" is new for 2017, but continues a holiday tradition: a spellbinding story from actor Charles Laughton, giving thanks for art that connects us all to the creative spirit.