Plattsburgh Town Supervisor Discusses Lawsuit Against City And Other Issues

May 30, 2018

During last week’s Plattsburgh City Council meeting, one councilor quizzed the mayor about developments in a lawsuit between the city and the neighboring Town of Plattsburgh.  Town Supervisor Michael Cashman says the town is countersuing the city regarding a Payment in Lieu of Taxes dispute in which the city claims the town has not properly paid the city its share of Falcon Seaboard payments.

“We are countersuing for approximately $1.5 million.  In the 1992 agreement it was really done with bullying tactics.  Falcon Seaboard or Saranac Power it’s you know been under different names that facility is in the Town of Plattsburgh. You know we were trying to be good neighbors back then because we were trying to bring jobs. We were trying to bring about natural gas to the region.  And unfortunately the mayor is using the same tactics by suing the Town of Plattsburgh.”  

Supervisor Cashman also says the towns of Plattsburgh and Ellenburg have received money from New York state to repair two abandoned mausoleums.