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"One Saratoga" Candidates Claim Victory In Saratoga Springs City Council Contests

Nov 6, 2019

A bipartisan group of city candidates claimed victory Tuesday night in Saratoga Springs.

Democratic Mayor Meg Kelly, incumbent Democratic Finance Commissioner Michele Madigan, and Republican Public Safety Commissioner candidate Robin Dalton ran together on their “One Saratoga” platform.

Madigan lost June’s Democratic Primary against newcomer Patty Morrison. She pushed ahead with a third-party run with the backing of several former city Democratic leaders. After declaring victory in a close race with Morrison, Madigan appeared at GOP headquarters and spoke about the One Saratoga platform.

“An idea I came up with, yes, after I lost the primary. But I felt so confident going into the general election. I could not have done this without every single person in this room,” said Madigan.

Madigan and Kelly, who defeated late-comer Republican Tim Holmes, held their own election party separate from the city Democratic Committee before joining Republicans at the Holiday Inn.

And the idea of One Saratoga could stick around in city politics, according to Madigan.

“We are onto something here. We have Democrats in this room that would never have thought about coming to the Holiday Inn. And they’re here because of One Saratoga,” said Madigan.

At Democratic headquarters across the street Tuesday, Morrison called the race a “testament to the democratic process.”

“This has been a grassroot campaign. I was outspent five to one. And to come this close says something. People have spoken and, no matter what, my team has – we’ve done an amazing job. So I’m very proud of the results,” said Morrison.

Morrison called to congratulate Madigan Wednesday morning after unofficial results were delayed due to a reported malfunctioning voting machine. Madigan defeated Morrison with about 54 to 45 percent.

Republican Robin Dalton will succeed retiring Democratic Commissioner of Public Safety Peter Martin.

“I am so reassured by the fact that if you come to Saratoga Springs, you do the right thing, you win!” said Dalton.

Dalton said voters responded to the bipartisan nature of her campaign. She was endorsed by Madigan, Kelly, and other prominent Democrats.

“It doesn’t matter what the party was, it matters about the candidate, you know?” said Dalton.

Dalton’s challenger, Democrat Kendall Hicks, did not receive the endorsement of city Democrats. Several Democrats withdrew their support from Hicks during the campaign after allegations of domestic violence surfaced, something Hicks denied.

Hicks still received about 46 percent of the vote and appeared at Republican headquarters to congratulate Dalton.

“I think our city deserved better of a race than what we’ve had. And the voters really, you know, came out and showed that, you know, you can see by the numbers, that a lot of that was ineffective,” said Hicks.

In Saratoga Springs, department heads also serve as the city’s legislative body.

Republican “Skip” Scirocco defeated challenger Dillon Moran for Public Works Commissioner.

Democratic Commissioner of Accounts John Franck won after running uncontested.

Republican incumbent Matt Veitch will keep a seat on the county board of supervisors. A contest between Democratic Supervisor Tara Gaston and Republican challenger Stephen Mittler remains too close to call.