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Mayor Meg Kelly Wins Second Term In Saratoga Springs

Lucas Willard
Saratoga Springs Democratic Mayor Meg Kelly speaks at Repubican headquarters on Election Night 2019

Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly easily won a second term last night.

Kelly, a Democrat, received 68 percent of the vote in Saratoga Springs Tuesday, fending off a challenge from Republican Tim Holmes.

On the campaign trail, Kelly touted her accomplishments during her first two years, including the advancement of several long-awaited city projects: groundbreaking for a downtown parking garage, the ending of litigation to extend a trail system along Geyser Road, and finding a location for a new emergency services on the east side.

“Parking garage was 27 years we waited. Geyser trail 13 years. We’re working on the EMS station – that’s been years, decades. So we are really moving things. And alls it is, it’s collaborating, being civil and sitting down at the table and talking to each other,” said Kelly. 

Kelly did not face a Republican challenger until September. Local Republican committees did not officially endorse her challenger, Tim Holmes.

Kelly says it was her nonpolitical approach that carried her to victory.

“I’m a Democrat. I still have Republican friends. My husband is a Republican. And I just – to me, we all just need to get the work done. I am probably the most nonpolitical mayor the city has ever seen and it’s a good thing for the city. It’s bringing people together from all sides,” said Kelly.

Kelly hosted her own election watch party with incumbent Commissioner of Finance Michele Madigan. Madigan, a Democrat who lost the June primary to newcomer Patty Morrison, was supported by a group of former city Democratic Committee leaders in her third-party run. Madigan secured a fifth term anyway.

Kelly also endorsed Republican Robin Dalton for city Public Safety Commissioner.

Together, the candidates ran on a bipartisan “One Saratoga” platform. Kelly appeared on stage at Republican headquarters with Madigan and Dalton.

“The nights that these women and I spoke on the phone – every night we were speaking, we were working together. And this is something that hasn’t happened in the past,” said Kelly.

Holmes, who spent part of the evening in the same hotel lobby where Kelly and Madigan celebrated, believed his short campaign sent a message.

“Get involved and stay involved. To me, this is a volunteer effort. A civic activity. And that it needs every citizen to take an interest in any kind of way that they can be involved,” said Holmes.

In other city races, Democratic Commissioner of Accounts John Franck won after running uncontested. Republican “Skip” Scirocco defeated challenger Dillon Moran for Public Works Commissioner.

In Saratoga Springs, elected department heads make up the city council.

Republican incumbent Matt Veitch will keep a seat on the county board of supervisors. A contest between Democratic Supervisor Tara Gaston and Republican challenger Stephen Mittler remains too close to call.

Lucas Willard is a reporter and host at WAMC Northeast Public Radio, which he joined in 2011.
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