Lake Placid Mayor Talks About Village Infrastructure Plan | WAMC

Lake Placid Mayor Talks About Village Infrastructure Plan

Nov 20, 2018

Lake Placid is a focal point for winter sports, hosting international championships to regional competitions. But the village holds events throughout the year, bringing thousands of people to hotels and shops along Main Street. That in turn has stressed the infrastructure. Village leaders have implemented a plan to upgrade the water and sewer systems along with improving what has been cramped and competitive parking. Lake Placid Mayor Craig Randall tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley infrastructure needs have been an issue since he was first elected a decade ago.

“When I first came into office I started hearing about infrastructure needs of the community, which are no different than infrastructure needs in most of our municipalities in New York state.  They’re getting old. Many of them are 100-110 years old now. And we have a very progressive program to upgrade weaknesses in the system. That’s been going on now for three or four years and will go on for at least another three or four years. We just have to make investments in our infrastructure if we’re going to continue to provide the basic services and needs that our residents and visitors require in order to keep Lake Placid in a good place.”.