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The Best Of Our Knowledge #1607 "Dream Jobs & Virus Variants"

Jul 8, 2021

Dr. Kevin Hoff
Credit University of Houston

What’s your dream job? Chances are that over the years the answer to that question has changed, probably quite a bit. Those are the questions that Dr. Kevin Hoff tries to answer in his new research paper in the Journal of Career Assessment called “Dream Jobs and Employment Realities: How Adolescents’ Career Aspirations Compare to Labor Demands and Automation Risks”. Today on the Best of Our Knowledge, this new study looks at the job you want verses the job you get.

Late last year, a clinically significant SARS-CoV-2 variant with an increased transmission rate was identified in the United Kingdom. Since then it has been quickly spreading around the world. So far, these COVID variants appear to be detectable by commonly used laboratory tests and hopefully will not present a diagnostic challenge for clinical laboratories. Today we talk with a scientist about how labs are identifying these virus variants.

Then we'll spend an Academic Minute in safe, high quality hospitals.