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Medical Monday 6/5/23: Primary care with Dr. Lorraine Allegro-Skinner

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Lorraine Allegro-Skinner, MD
Nuvance Health
Lorraine Allegro-Skinner, MD

While Fall is the peak time for many viral illnesses, and winter's cold weather can suppress immune systems and increase vulnerability to infections, the warm weather months present their own set of health considerations. How do we prepare for the heat, seasonal illnesses and insect bites? What should we make sure take with us when we travel in the hot weather? We will talk about all this - and much more - with Dr. Lorraine Allegro-Skinner. The number to call at show time is 800-348-2551. Email is "VoxPop@WAMC.org." Ray Graf hosts.

Dr. Allegro-Skinner is a family medicine physician with Nuvance Health Medical Practice in Modena, Ulster County. She provides comprehensive primary care, including wellness care and acute and chronic disease management. Dr. Allegro-Skinner is board certified and cares for both adults and children.

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