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Gov. Hochul, LG Delgado projected to win New York Democratic Party primary; Rep. Zeldin takes four-way GOP race

Bill Everhart

  • Whenever there is a mass shooting in the United States - and the clock is ticking toward the next one - ritual theater follows to compound the anger and anguish with frustration.
  • The shockwaves from the leak of a draft U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning the abortion rights case Roe v. Wade continue to reverberate. But the only real shock is the unprecedented leak of the draft. The political right has been plotting to sabotage women’s rights to privacy and choice for half a century and now they have the five Supreme Court votes to do so.
  • During the Cold War paranoia of the 1950s, “witch hunts” of Americans seen as sympathetic to the cause of Russian communism were triggered by U.S. politicians like Sen. Joe McCarthy, fueling an ugly national hysteria targeted largely at film-makers and others in the arts community. Careers were ended and lives were ruined.
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine, done for no other apparent reason than to satisfy Vladimir Putin’s autocratic ambitions, is shameful. It is not, however, surprising.
  • It has often been said of the Olympic Games that this gathering of the world’s finest athletes represents a respite from the world’s troubles. With the Winter Olympics set to begin, however, little could be further from the truth.
  • On the evening of Jan. 6, 2021, stunned Americans who had watched the horrific, bloody assault on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of President Donald Trump breathed a sigh of relief. Vice President Mike Pence had certified the results of the Electoral College vote confirming that Joe Biden was the next president. Democracy had prevailed.
  • Campaigns to ban books have a long history in the United States and liberals and conservatives share the blame for them. But current efforts launched against public school libraries from the right are particularly worrisome because they don’t have the random, disorganized quality of previous campaigns.
  • If there is any place where free speech should be welcomed and encouraged it is on college campuses, where various ideas and beliefs should be debated and explored. Today, however, college campuses have increasingly become unwelcome places for the free speech they should celebrate.
  • Americans learned on Jan. 6 when Trump-inspired insurrectionists attempted to prevent a duly elected president from taking office that our democracy was far more fragile than we knew.
  • The United States’ 20-year war in Afghanistan, the “graveyard of empires,” has come to an end. It could have concluded better, but it was never going to end well.