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Town Of Plattsburgh Promotes Iconic Local Food

A michigan with unburied onions
Pat Bradley/WAMC
A michigan with unburied onions

The Town of Plattsburgh, New York has declared the month of July Michigan Month. And it has nothing to do with the Midwest state.
It’s a staple in the Plattsburgh area: the Michigan. It’s a hot dog in a bun specially designed to hold it with spicy meat sauce, mustard and onions.

Town of Plattsburgh Supervisor Michael Cashman says regional food icons like this are important to a community’s identity and economy.  “Michigans have been popular as a local staple here in Plattsburgh for well over 90 years.  And the origin of the Michigan still remains in some part a little bit of a mystery. However no matter where it started the Michigan is ‘buried’ in the culture of Plattsburgh.”

The town has created a Michigan Passport to take to four stands in town. The first 25 people who return the completed passport to the Town Hall will receive a t-shirt.