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Plattsburgh City Council Approves New Beach Fees

Plattsburgh City Beach  panorama
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Plattsburgh City Beach panorama

Plattsburgh’s City Beach officially opened Friday.  As the gates officially opened, entry fees increased.
Plattsburgh city councilors approved a new fee schedule for vehicles entering the city beach.  Rates are up for weekday and weekends, single vehicles, motorcycles and buses.  Rates rose slightly more for non-USA vehicles.
During the June 10th Finance Committee meeting Community Development Director Matthew Miller explained that the new fee schedule had originally been requested by the common council in late 2019.   “Prior to 2019 the last time the beach fees had been increased was roughly a decade prior to that. In the spring of 2019 the fees were increased at the request of the recreation complex to generate some additional revenue and account for the cumulative effects of inflation of the previous decade. The council approved those fees. Later in 2019 requested updated fee structures for all major rec facilities. The updated one for the gym was passed at the end of 2019. The intention was to pass this updated fee schedule for the beach in the spring of 2020 but with the COVID pandemic everything got shelved. Which is why we’re here.”

The resolution was up for final consideration by the city council Thursday evening. Ward 5 Democrat Patrick McFarlin again asked Miller for clarification.  “If I remember correctly we increased the fees in 2019, correct?”
Miller:  “Yes. The council increased the fees in early 2019 to account for about eight or nine years’ worth of no raising fees prior to that.”  

The council approved the new fees effective Friday. Councilor McFarlin cast the only no vote.  “I voted no just because I wasn’t absolutely certain that it would actually lead to an increase in revenue. The other thing is right now especially after the year of the pandemic where things were closed and the beach for years hasn’t been at full capacity it seems prudent that for this year to keep the rates down and urge more people to come especially if the border is going to remain closed.”

There is no charge for city and town residents if a beach pass is obtained. Fees went up about $2 per car.

New beach fee chart from city resolution. Proposed rate approved and effective June 18, 2021

On Friday, Canadian officials announced the border will remain closed to nonessential travelers until at least July 21st.

In other recreation areas the common council recently heard a presentation on how Plattsburgh can become more bike friendly. City Planner Malana Tamer said the Bike Friendly Plattsburgh plan is a phased project that would connect existing bike lanes.  “It’s just basically building off our existing infrastructure, creating a complete connectivity network to move people east and west, north and south in a safe way. We really don’t have a lot of bike infrastructure right now. I believe we have about 11 miles in the city. So our proposed plan creates an additional 12 miles across all three phases.”

The planners hope to begin implementing the bike plan within the next couple years.

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