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Company Agrees To Abandon 30-Mile Railroad In ADKs

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Protect the Adirondacks

A short line railroad company has consented to the abandonment of a 30-mile stretch of rails in the central Adirondacks.

The Glens Falls Post Star reports that the Chicago-based owner of Saratoga and North Creek Railway is negotiating with New York state for an "interim trail use" agreement for the rail corridor from North Creek to Newcomb.

The state has been seeking to have the U.S. Surface Transportation Board declare the line abandoned since it hasn't been used for 20 years. Iowa Pacific Holdings had hoped to use it for freight shipments but the market didn't materialize.

The Tahawus line served a former mine in the hamlet of Tahawus.

Abandonment means the corridor no longer has use as a railroad and other uses like a rail trail can be explored.

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