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Tedra Cobb Discusses Decision To Run Again For NY-21 Congressional Seat

Tedra Cobb
Tedra Cobb for NY21
Tedra Cobb

In 2018, Democrats in New York’s 21st Congressional District fielded up to 10 candidates. Former St. Lawrence County legislator and Canton resident Tedra Cobb won the primary and challenged incumbent Republican Elise Stefanik. But Stefanik easily survived the “blue wave” election as Cobb lost by 14 points. In her concession speech, Cobb promised she would run again.  On Monday, Cobb made it official. Cobb, whose rhetoric echoes the last campaign, tells WAMC’s North Country Bureau Chief Pat Bradley the issues haven’t changed.

“I have been speaking to people, listening, a lot of listening to people and the issues remain the same. People are still burdened by their high health care costs. Our families are suffering. We’re worried about our children and education. We’re worried about our environment. And of course you know for me health care has always been a priority and will continue to be one of those issues that I will continue to talk about. So that’s really what I’ve been doing and will continue to do for the next year and a half.” 

2018 Democratic primary opponent Dylan Ratigan told WAMC he will not run in the 2020 race and said he had no opinion on any of the others.  Within hours of Cobb’s announcement, Republican Elise Stefanik’s campaign released a revamped version of a “Taxin’ Tedra” ad used in the previous campaign.

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