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Director Discusses Film Shot In Adirondacks

The Song of Sway Lake/Facebook

A movie being screened tonight at the Strand Theatre in Schroon Lake has won multiple awards at film festivals around the world. “The Song of Sway Lake” was filmed in Blue Mountain Lake in the center of the Adirondacks.  Director and co-writer Ari Gold says the location enhanced the visuals and the music guides the mystery and mood of the film.
"On the surface anyway it’s about a family that’s lost a piece of jazz music from 1940 and it’s buried somewhere in their Adirondack lake house and they’re looking for it and while they’re looking for it they’re digging through all these old records. So that music serves kind of as a soundtrack for the film. It’s kind of wonderful that we’ve created some songs that are so convincing about this fictional lake called Sway Lake that audience members at screenings have asked where Sway Lake is and where we found the song. And we have to say that well we created the song and  Sway Lake was shot on Blue Mountain Lake."
The Song of Sway Lake,” which has won 14 awards so far at film festivals around the world, will be shown at the Strand Theatre in Schroon Lake at 8 tonight.