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Fulbright Canada Leader Discusses U.S. Canada Relations And Work With SUNY Plattsburgh

Dr. Michael Hawes
Fulbright Canada
Dr. Michael Hawes

SUNY Plattsburgh’s Center for the Study of Canada is a National Resource Center on Canada.  It has maintained a long-term relationship with Fulbright Canada.  Dr. Michael Hawes is the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation for Educational Exchange between Canada and the U.S. and the Executive Director of Fulbright Canada.  He was in Plattsburgh this week and talked about the relationship between the two countries and the importance of the local Canadian studies program.
“The two countries have different, we’re at a different moment in our history, ideologically, politically, perhaps socially.  The challenge is to embrace the fact that change is occurring. Every new administration in Washington comes with their own agenda. Our challenge is to find our common purposes.  It’s going to be a little more difficult perhaps than the last time out because there was an easier path to that.  But it is what it is.  We need to find a way forward.  (How do the Fulbright scholars help do that?) So Fulbright scholars, our principle role in the world is help to encourage, develop and sustain mutual understanding.”

During his visit Dr. Michael Hawes renewed an agreement with the college for three years that brings Distinguished Canadians on short-term visits to SUNY Plattsburgh.

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