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Contenders in Northern NY Assembly Race Debate

The contenders in the 115th assembly race met in a town hall style debate Tuesday night.

The informal debate between Conservative Karen Bisso and Democrat Tim Carpenter in Malone followed a basic format, but allowed questions from those who attended the forum. A number of issues were covered  and there was often congenial discussion between the two.  A recurring theme was displeasure with Albany as shown in their response to the state mandated tax cap. Democrat Tim Carpenter works for the Corrections Department and is a Plattsburgh city councillor

Conservative Karen Bisso is a teacher and business owner.
Those who attended the forum asked questions on a number of topics, including term limits, state land purchases and jobs.

There were differences between the candidates, which were made clear when Pat O’Connor of Chateaugauy posed a question.

During a discussion of state land purchases, the conversation veered to the power of the Adirondack Park Agency and the size of state government.

The new 115th Assembly District includes Clinton and Franklin Counties and four towns in St. Lawrence County. Republican incumbent Janet Duprey was unable to attend the town hall debate.