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Clinton County Formulates a Cradle to Career Plan for Education’s Interaction with Economic Growth

Clinton County’s Partnership for Community Development is looking forward to the year 2040 to create a competitive economic future. The group has been holding a series of forums on how to foster such growth. The latest, to be held this week, assesses how education and the business community must work together to foster economic development in the region.

This year the Partnership for Community Development has focused on four sectors: arts and culture, recreation, transportation, and education as the basis for workforce and economic development.  On Thursday, a panel discussion will focus on the education and business linkage. The Development Corporation President and CEO Paul Grasso is part of the Partnership’s Vision-2-Action Project.

Clinton Community College President John Jablonski says the Clinton County partnership is working on a cradle-to-career education concept.

The regional THRIVE cradle-to-career initiative is based on SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher’s cradle-to-job STRIVE program. Clinton County was the first rural county in the country to join that network.

Clinton Community’s John Jablonski says the overall goal is to give the area a competitive economic edge.

A community forum and creation of action implementation teams regarding education’s interaction with economic growth is planned at Clinton Community College on Thursday evening.