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Public Hearing Held on City of Plattsburgh Redistricting Plan

The City of Plattsburgh Redistricting Committee held its public hearing on the plan to change the city’s wards last night.

Restricting Committee Chair Peter Ensel called the meeting to order, read the rules and called for comments.

And they waited.

But no resident came to City Hall to comment on the new ward structure that the committee spent months re-mapping. Chair Peter Ensel was surprised that no one showed up.

Peter Ensel says there were a number of challenges in drafting the new map, including integrating the college’s student population into the ward structure.

Plattsburgh City Mayor Don Kasprzak observed the proceedings and calls the lack of interest a good thing.

As soon as the meeting was gaveled to a conclusion, Ward 6 City Councilor Chris Jackson congratulated committee members for their efforts. He’s not surprised there were no comments.

Chris Jackson explains that’s because the county redistricting depends, in part, on what lines the city draws.

The committee will forward the redistricting plan to the city council which will consider it for implementation in 2013.