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Governor Announces Funding to Rebuild Irene Destroyed Fire Station in Adirondacks

Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Keene this afternoon to announce that the state will step in and provide funding for a new fire station in the wake of FEMA pull backs on funding.

Officials in Essex County have been working to rebuild the Keene fire station since it’s destruction during Tropical Storm Irene.

Keene Volunteer Fire Department Chief Jody Whitney says the past year has been a challenge with critical equipment, including pumper trucks, in different locations.

Construction of a new fire station in Keene was scheduled to begin in August.  But the Federal Emergency Management Agency reneged on 600-thousand dollars that would allow the  hamlet to move forward with rebuilding plans, according to Town of Keene Supervisor Bill Ferebee.

Governor Andrew Cuomo came to Keene to tell residents that the state will step in and provide the money.  Cuomo presented a check for 640-thousand dollars to the community,

saying the firehouse is a metaphor for rebuilding across the state.

Governor Cuomo says local officials will continue their attempts to obtain funding from FEMA.

Officials hope to formally break ground within a couple weeks and open the new firehouse in the spring.