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Officials Debate Decision to End Prayer Before County Meetings

The Essex County, New York Board of Supervisors has stopped its practice of holding a prayer before its monthly meeting.  Not all the members of the Board are pleased with the move by the group’s chair to stop the tradition.

At the beginning of every Board of Supervisors meeting, Essex County officials had called upon the County Clerk, a Catholic deacon, to lead them in a short prayer. But last week, Board of Supervisors Chair Randy Douglas stopped the practice.

Town Of North Hudson Supervisor Ron Moore wants to continue the prayer, and does not like how Douglas handled the situation.

Supervisor Randy Douglas stands by his decision to change the Board’s practice.

Town of Minerva Supervisor Sue Montgomery-Corey believes the Board Chair is taking the correct stance.

A resolution to reinstate the prayer, offered by Supervisor Ron Moore, was tabled by the Board of Supervisors.