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Rainfall in New York breaks records

 Flash flooding in Orange County.
New York State Police
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Flash flooding in Orange County.

The rainfall throughout New York has broken records at some of the gauges across the state that measure precipitation.

The University at Albany helped to design New York state’s Mesonet system, which has 126 weather stations across the state, spaced an average of about 19 miles apart, measuring precipitation and other weather information at five-minute intervals. The Westchester County gauge in Somers set a new 24-hour precipitation record of 5.96 on Sunday, including a one-hour record of 2.17 inches.

In northern New York the Chazy site set new records for 5-minute precipitation at .62 inches and 15 minutes at 1.16 inches.

UAlbany meteorologist Nick Bassill:

"The expectation was that most of that really heavy rain was going to be in the Catskills, the Albany area, not the southern Hudson Valley."

Dutchess County data also set new records with Dover Plains receiving 5.39 inches in 24 hours and Beacon 3.13 inches in three hours.

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