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A new council is sworn in and Burlington’s mayor delivers his State of the City address

Screenshot of Burlington, Vermont City Council organizational meeting on April 3, 2023
Town Meeting TV
Screenshot of Burlington, Vermont City Council organizational meeting on April 3, 2023

A new Burlington, Vermont City Council was sworn in Monday and the mayor gave his State of the City address.

On Town Meeting Day in March Burlington voters elected three new and re-elected two city councilors.

One of the first items of business was Mayor Miro Weinberger swearing in the new council.

After the oaths and a short celebration, Weinberger, a Democrat, began his 12th State of the City address. He said the past 11 years had perhaps been the most momentous and tumultuous period in U.S. history.

“Here in Burlington we have faced crises since the day I took office. Yet, through this all we have forged steady, enduring progress here in Burlington. Our city in 2023 is in many ways a better place than it was in 2012.”

Among a number of the success stories the mayor outlined was expansion at the city-owned Burlington International Airport. Weinberger directed his comments to retired Senator Patrick Leahy, who was watching the speech virtually.

Of all the city's stories of recovery and investment over the past 11 years, none has been more dramatic than that of the Burlington International Airport. BTV, as we like to call it, is now one of the busiest airports in New England, second only to Boston's Logan Airport. To recognize your commitment to the airport, your lifetime of service to Vermont, and your special relationship with the city of Burlington I am thrilled to announce that the City of Burlington will rename the airport the Patrick Leahy Burlington International Airport.”

The mayor then turned the proceedings over to Vermont Democratic Senator Peter Welch, who replaced Leahy in January.

“He has a lot of friends in Washington. They couldn’t all be here. But there’s a couple who sent videos.”

“Hi everyone. It’s Senator Chuck Schumer. I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this recognition than Pat Leahy. No one’s done more for this airport or the state of Vermont than Pat has.”

“We have one more video," announces Senator Welch. "Somebody a few of you will recognize.”

“Pat, we’ve known each other a long time," notes President Joe Biden. "Seventeen thousand Senate votes. You’ve shaped the destiny of our nation. Everyone who flies through will remember your tenacity and your service, your honesty, your dignity.”

Mayor Weinberger eventually continued his speech noting that the city must follow through with the results of Town Meeting Day ballot questions.

“Nearly two-thirds of the city made it clear that they greatly value public safety and they are expecting city government to restore it now. When we meet again in two weeks, I will be asking for the Council’s approval on outstanding elements of the most recent public safety plan that I announced in January. It’s also time to resolve the unfinished debate over police oversight.”

City councilors unanimously chose Ward 6 Democrat Karen Paul to serve a second term as council president.