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Early voting begins in New York state this weekend

 Early Voting at the Rhinebeck Village Hall in Dutchess County
Roger Rosenbaum
Roger Rosenbaum
Voters in Rhinebeck came out on Sunday for early voting in Dutchess County.

Early voting for the midterm election begins this weekend in New York.

With races this year for governor, Congress and the state legislature, New Yorkers can vote early through Sunday, November 6th.

Dutchess County Board of Elections Commissioner Erik Haight says early voting sites may differ from where people typically vote. But the Republican says centralized locations give voters more opportunities to cast a ballot.

“We put a lot of time, training and resources into each election and I would like to see everyone who is qualified to vote come out and take advantage of it," Haight said.

You can find out more information about polling sites through your county’s board of elections. Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th.

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