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Blue-green algae blooms return to regional shorelines

Blue-green algae bloom (file)
Lake Champlain Basin Program/Larry Dupont
Blue-green algae blooms on Lake Champlain (file)

The Vermont Department of Health is warning that potentially hazardous cyanobacteria blooms are reappearing in regional waterbodies.

Health officials say cyanobacteria blooms are occurring on more waterbodies and beaches as the weather warms and it’s important to know what they look like.

Cyanobacteria are microorganisms that are a natural part of freshwater ecosystems but they can multiply quickly, creating blooms along shorelines that are usually green or blue-green. The water may look like pea soup or spilled paint, but can be other colors and consistencies.

The blue-green algae can produce toxins harmful to humans and animals.

All four Burlington beaches were closed Sunday due to blue-green algae blooms. Two reopened on Monday.

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