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Vermont Governor swears in state’s first woman Attorney General

A crowd gathered in the governor's ceremonial office to watch Governor Phil Scott swear in Susanne Young as the state's first female Attorney General
Office of Governor Phil Scott
A crowd gathered in the governor's ceremonial office to watch Governor Phil Scott swear in Susanne Young as the state's first female Attorney General

Vermont has a new Attorney General. Susanne Young became the state’s first female in the role today.

Republican Governor Phil Scott wore in his former Secretary of Administration Tuesday to fill the term of departed Democrat T.J. Donovan. Donovan, a Democrat, announced in May that he would not run for re-election, and then said he would leave June 20th to take a job in the private sector. Republican Governor Phil Scott decided to appoint his former Secretary of Administration, who retired in November, to fill the position for the rest of the year. Scott noted that it is rare there is a vacant statewide office.

“Under the circumstances with six months remaining in the term I thought it was important to fill this role and provide the great team at the Attorney General’s office with added support and experience as they take care of the day-to-day operations and prepare for the next administration. I don’t believe there is anyone more fitting to take up this unique challenge than Susanne Young. Susanne’s expertise, dedication, common sense and humor will be a great addition to the team at the Attorney General’s office.”

Susanne Young is a graduate of the Vermont Law School and began her career as a staff attorney in the state Attorney General’s office. She served as general counsel in several state departments and to Governor Jim Douglas. She was Deputy Attorney General under former Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell, who said it was a great day for the office.

“I always emphasized when I swore in new AAG’s (Assistant Attorney General’s) was to listen to the oath particularly that I will do equal right and justice to all persons. And it’s a tall order. And Susanne Young knows that and she’ll do it. Rock solid. Smart. Knows the law. Cares about the rule of law.”

Governor Scott then formally swore in Young.

“I Susanne R. Young do solemnly swear...that I will faithfully execute...the office of Attorney General for the state of Vermont.”

Young thanked those who came to the ceremony, including two former Vermont attorneys general and Scott.

“Governor, I thank you for this for this incredible honor to serve as Vermont’s first woman Attorney General for the state of Vermont. The office of Attorney General is one that I love and where I spent more than half of my career in public service and where I turned for advice and counsel as a client for the rest of my career. The office has the power and the authority to do great and important work for Vermont and every Vermonter and I am proud to be a part of it once more. And so with this brief interruption to my retirement I promise to lead as Attorney General with intelligence, integrity and impartiality.”

Candidates for the office include Progressive Elijah Bergman, Democrat Charity Clark, Republican H. Brooke Paige, and Democrat Rory Thibault.

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