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Senator Patrick Leahy responds to latest mass shooting

Senator Patrick Leahy (file)
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Senator Patrick Leahy (file)

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing Wednesday, Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy responded to the Texas school shooting, calling for real action to address gun violence.

Leahy, pro tem of the Senate, said he is concerned about criticism of those speaking out about gun violence following the shooting.

“It’s not the time to blame the victims,” Leahy said. “It’s time to blame those who sell weapons of war this way. And if I seem outraged it’s because gun violence continues to plague the country.”

The Democrat said he has been a responsible gun owner his entire adult life and supports the Second Amendment but reasonable restrictions must be implemented.

“We’re cowards if we don’t act,” he said. “Cowards.”

Leahy reproached Republicans who advocate for arming teachers saying they should be educating students, not carrying guns.

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