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Investigations continue after Pittsfield Police shoot, kill 22-year-old city man

An SUV is parked on the street in front of a brick building with "Pittsfield Police" on its doors
Josh Landes
A Pittsfield police vehicle.

The Berkshire County District Attorney has taken over the investigation after a 22-year old Pittsfield man was shot and killed after an encounter with police Friday night. Pittsfield Police were called to an Onota Street residence around 9:45 Friday night to assist the man, who they say had injured himself. Miguel Estrella refused medical attention and was left in the care of his girlfriend.

Less than half an hour later police were called back to the scene to find him armed with a knife, causing a disturbance. Police say as the man advanced toward them with the knife they deployed two TASERS, neither stopping him, which led to an officer opening fire on the man. He was taken to Berkshire Medical Center where he was reported dead at 11:20 p.m. DA Andrea Harrington says Estrella was shot twice, and officers attempted to render lifesaving aid.

The Massachusetts State Police Detective Unit is conducting a criminal investigation into the death, with an autopsy scheduled for Sunday. The officers, who have not been identified, are on administrative leave.