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Albany County Officials Celebrate MLK Day In Lincoln Park

Albany County officials marked Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with a wreath-laying Monday morning.

Albany County Legislature Chairman Andrew Joyce and members of the Legislature’s Black Caucus held the ceremony in Albany’s Lincoln Park. They shared their favorite Dr. King quotes, mainly focusing on unity and love over hate.

Following the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol January 6th, Democrat Beroro Efekoro of the 7th district says people need to remember Dr. King’s message now more than ever.

“When you protest peacefully, when you march peacefully, you can achieve a lot and you can have people 

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Albany’s Lincoln Park
Credit Jackie Orchard / WAMC
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. monument in Albany’s Lincoln Park

listen to what you are demanding or the change you are seeking,” Efekoro said. “But when you are destroying properties you take away from that goal you are seeking because people’s attention is just ‘destruction of property’ and that is what is televised.” 

Efekoro says Dr. King understood that true revolution comes through unity, not destruction. He said the new administration offers a chance to spread love, not hate.

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