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New Siena Poll Shows Support For Gov. Cuomo, But Resistance To A Fourth Term


A new poll shows while New Yorkers would prefer Kirsten Gillibrand over Bill de Blasio in a 2020 presidential run, they're not keen on Andrew Cuomo staying on as governor for a fourth term.

In May, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo broke some news to Alan Chartock on WAMC.

Chartock: "Yes or no, are you running for a fourth term? Do you plan to run for a fourth term. How's that?"

Cuomo: "I plan to run for a fourth term."

That run would come in 2022, but a new Siena College poll finds a majority of New York voters do not want the Democrat to do run again, according to pollster Steve Greenberg.  "How's Andrew Cuomo doing? Well, he's got his best favorability rating from voters in more than a year. Right now. 52 percent of voters have a favorable view of Andrew Cuomo. 42 percent have an unfavorable view, the best favorability rating he's had since March 2018. But should Andrew Cuomo run for a fourth term as he said a couple of weeks ago that he's planning on doing?  Well there voters are not so sure. Only 37 percent say he should; 58 percent say he should not run for a fourth term. Of course, that's still more than three years away."

The legalization of recreational marijuana continues to divide New Yorkers.   "55 percent of New Yorkers support it. 40 percent oppose it. Strong support from Democrats, support from independents, opposition from Republicans. And when we look at it by age, young people, three-quarters of voters under 35 support it, but voters 55 and older, they oppose legalizing the recreational use of marijuana by a 54 to 42 percent margin.”

And as the end of the legislative session approaches, Greenberg says voters have a few other issues on their minds.   "Requiring parents to have their children vaccinated before school regardless of religious beliefs: overwhelmingly, 84 percent of New Yorkers support that. Only 13 percent oppose. It has strong overwhelming support from every party, every region, every ethnicity, every gender, every age group. Also supported strongly by New Yorkers, amending the New York state constitution to include the ERA. 72 percent of New Yorkers support it, only 17 percent oppose."

How do voters feel about the New Yorkers running for president?   "They don't like Donald Trump. His numbers continue to erode.  Only 34 percent have a favorable view of Trump; 63, have an unfavorable view. We have Kirsten Gillibrand who's got a 44 to 36 favorability rating. Mayor de Blasio, only 29 percent of voters have a favorable view of de Blasio, 53 percent have an unfavorable view. de Blasio's underwater with New York City voters and he's underwater with Democrats from New York state. So when we matched up a hypothetical matchup between de Blasio and Gillibrand for the Democratic nomination and we asked New York Democrats, who would you choose among those two? Voters overwhelmingly side with the junior Senator over the New York City mayor. 56% of New York Democrats say they would support Gillibrand, only 25% said they would support de Blasio."

The poll was conducted June 2-6, by telephone calls conducted in English to 812 New York state registered voters. It has an overall margin of error of +/- 4.1 percentage points.  Here is a link to view the complete poll.

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