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Cuomo Promotes Tax Cap Extension

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is promoting extending the New York’s property tax when it expires next year.

In stops in the Hudson Valley and on Long Island, Cuomo says he wants to extend the 2 precent per year property tax , which he says has saved tax payers over $7 billion in the past three years and is expected to save $3 billion in school taxes this year.  

“Not only did the world not stop spinning,” Cuomo said. “The state is performing better than it ever did before.”

The cap does not expire until next year, but it is tied, through legislation, to the extension of New York City’s rent control laws, which sunset in less than two weeks. The governor’s campaign for the property tax, a popular issue among suburban voters, comes as a new Quinnipiac poll shows the governor at his lowest approval rating.  

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