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Gov. Cuomo Signs Lyme Bill Protecting Doctors

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into law a bill that would protect healthcare providers that treat chronic Lyme disease.

Under the bill approved Wednesday, doctors who prescribe antibiotics to treat the tick-borne illness would be protected from investigation by the State Office of Professional Medical Conduct.

In a release from the Stram Center for Integrative Medicine, Dr. Ronald Stram said the bill is imperative for future treatment of Lyme disease. He said “Often times, our patients have been told that the ailments they suffer from do not exist.”

The Stram Center says the passage of the law “validates the existence and debilitating effects of chronic Lyme disease.”

The state legislature passed the bill last spring.

Lucas Willard is a reporter and host at WAMC Northeast Public Radio, which he joined in 2011.
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