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Duffy Talks Up Tax-Free Campus Plan

Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy
WAMC Photo
Lieutenant Governor Robert Duffy

New York’s Lieutenant Governor hit the road Tuesday to promote the plan now known as Start-Up New York. Speaking in Oswego, Robert Duffy said the Cuomo administration’s plans to encourage businesses with tax-free incentives if they operate on existing state property, including SUNY campuses, would be a boon to upstate.

"Everything looks great for the region, for the future… there's a lot of things happening right now and those that perhaps don't feel the results of that yet stand by and work with us on this because everybody is doing everything they can just to transform the economy and to put things in place that will keep businesses here and growing and draw new ones in," Duffy said.

"I think it provides an opportunity that we've not seen, and if I'm a business owner - and I talked to one last night out of state who wants to bring his company up here -  if I'm starting a business, if I want to expand, you can't really beat those incentives.  So I don’t think it’s going to be a matter of if, I think it’s going to be when and how many, and our job as a state is to make sure that what we are promising now is maintained for 10 years and that there are no changes."

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