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Farm Provisions Passed in Fiscal Cliff Bill

The 2012 Farm Bill failed to come to a floor vote in the U.S. House before the end of year, but some key provisions were passed as part of the fiscal bill that the House passed late on New Year’s Day.
The Farm Bill is renewed every five years and 2008's  bill was due to be renewed in 2012.  While the Senate, and House Agriculture committee, passed the new measure, it was never brought to a floor vote in the House.  On Tuesday night, some key provisions from the 2008 Farm Bill were extended as part of the Taxpayer Relief Act - or the fiscal cliff package.  New York 23rd District Congressman Bill Owens says until a new Farm Bill can be crafted, the passed provisions should help protect New York’s dairy sector.

New York Farm Bureau Spokesman Steve Ammerman believes how much the provisions that did pass will impact farmers will  depend on which sector of agriculture they’re in.

Vermont Farm Bureau President Clark Hinsdale III is grateful that the fiscal bill included agricultural provisions that House leaders failed to bring to the floor.

The Dairy Security Act, a margin insurance and supply management plan that was part of the proposed 2012 Farm Bill,  was not included in the fiscal bill.

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